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A Quick Glance 2018


Weekly Class Schedule:

13:00-14:15   Open Age / Level  at  Portobello Green Fitness Club
18:00-19:15   Open Level  at  Triyoga Soho

9:30-11:00   Level 2  at Virgin Active Notting Hill

12:45-1:45   Level 1 & 2  Triyoga Camden
20:00-21:15   Restorative Yoga  at Triyoga Ealing

18:15-19:30   Restorative Yoga & Pranayama  at Triyoga Camden

15:30-17:00   Level 1 & 2  at Triyoga Ealing
17:30-19:00   Restorative Yoga  at Triyoga Ealing

Workshops, Retreats and Training Courses in 2018: 

April 8th, Sunday  
A weekend Yoga and Somatic workshop with Aki Omori and Jean Hall at Triyoga London 
"Opening the Window of Resilience" 
- Repatterning, reconnecting, rebalancing through movement + body awareness.

Through breath and movement exploration, discussion and sharing, this daylong workshop will enquire into the relationships between the health of the mind and the body from the perspectives of the brain, nervous system and developmental movements.

Learning about the primal functions of the brain and the nervous system, and how our individual history contributes to our unique tendencies, we can then apply this understanding to our experiences and awareness of movement. By taking time to slow down so we can recognise and sense into the fine texture of sensation and motion to help reconnect us to our intuition and inner knowing, we become more able to re-pattern, repair and re-balance ourselves in life’s on-going process of self learning and realisation.
Time: 10am - 5pm
Cost: £75
Booking: Please Contact Triyoga website by clicking here 

April 22nd, Sunday
"Exploring Hypermobility from Developmental Perspective"
At Jade Pilates Studio, Bromley
Find out how our early development can influence our mobility / body tone and its physical and psychological effects. 

We will investigate this fascinating subject through some movement exploration practice, some partner / hands on work, early developmental movement study, including basic embryology, developmental relational models, primitive reflexes, and the nature of the nervous system.  

Who is this for? : The workshop is suitable for all movement specialists and practitioners, including teachers of Pilates, Yoga, Feldenkrais, Alexander technique etc, dancers, exercise instructors, medical professionals, psychotherapists and physical therapists or For those who are just keen to explore this subject.
Time: 10am - 5pm  
Cost: £65 (including some light refreshments.)
To book, please email:

Weekend Yoga Retreats:
A Long Weekend Yoga and Meditation Retreat At Kilnhanger, Surrey
Come for a long weekend of relaxing a nd enlivening yoga retreat at the stunningly beautiful Kilnhanger in the Surrey Hills. 
Dates: (I am running two long weekend retreats.)
May 17th - 20th
For more details, click here
Contact Aki:

A Long Weekend Yoga and Meditation Retreat At Kilnhanger, Surrey
Come for a long weekend of relaxing a nd enlivening yoga retreat at the stunningly beautiful Kilnhanger in the Surrey Hills. 
Dates: (I am running two long weekend retreats.)
June 28th - July 1st 
For more details, click here 
Contact Aki:

July 28th - August 4th 
"Yoga and Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective" 
At Kilnhanger, Surrey
An annual residential training.  This year, module 1 & 2 are put together as a week long residential at Kilnhanger, in beautiful Surrey Hills, England, UK.
A 60 hours intensive training designed for yoga teachers, teacher trainees, holistic therapists, psychotherapists, or keen movement practitioners. It is an enquiry, a vigorous investigation into our innate ability to balance "nourishment & depletion" to understand what supports healing and maintainance of the body-mind and move toward optimal health.  And at the same time, fully accepting and welcoming all aspects of ourselves as they are in the current states as a starting point.
It is done mainly through experiential study of the Nervous System and Embryology/Infant Developmental Movments, along with other body systems and helpful practices.
We then look at application to yoga and other therapeutic modalities and to our daily lives.
The aim of this training is to provide practitioners / teachers with tools and understanding in a way that they will be able ot create / integrate into their own unique body of work.

Previously called Restorative Yoga and Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective.
This is an incredibly informative and rewarding training.

Tuition Fee: 700 pounds / Early Bird Discount (for booking before 15th May) 620 pounds
Full Board Accommodation: From £650 **

**Commuting option is also available for those who live near the venue or for those who stay at another accommodation near by.  For this option, the cost  (excluding the tuition fee) will be £345  for the week, including all the meals and the use of the facility.
**Also Camping option is available limited up to 2 persons. The cost for this is £455 for the week, including all meals and the use of the facility.

For Booking:  A non-refundable deposit of 250 pounds will secure your place.

A small group of 12-16 people maximum.

More details will be here soon.
Booking is already open.  
So if you are interested or for all enquiries, please contact Aki

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Yoga and Meditation - Long Weekend Retreat at Kilnhanger, Surrey, UK

A Long Weekend Yoga Retreat with Aki Omori
At Kilnhanger, Surrey

Come for a long weekend of relaxing and enlivening yoga retreat at the stunningly beautiful Kilnhanger in the Surrey Hills.

I am running two long weekend retreats.
May 17th - 20th
June 28th - July 1st

The Place
Kilnhanger is a wonderful retreat centre that is unlike any other.
It is a family run place and they provide the atmosphere and facilities that are friendly, honest, sophisticated and stylish.  This unique venue creates retreats that are relaxing in so many ways and quite luxurious in other ways.

Their famously fantastic food is nourishing and delicious using organic, eco-friendly and ethically produced food and products wherever possible.   Organic vegetables are grown in their garden.  Many lunch and evenings are enjoyed eating and relaxing outside, taking in the view of “and” from the lovely garden and fresh air or watching the sun go down…

It is located within an area of outstanding natural beauty, set high up in a beautiful woodland with stunning views of the surrey hills.  Glorious sunsets and an abundance of birdlife is often seen from the house.  Surrounded by 40 acres of fields, woodland, orchards and gardens with many idyllic spots to sit and unwind.  And there are many walks in the area nearby.

The well equipped yoga studio has a panoramic view of the surrey hills and the underfloor heating.  It is bright and has a high ceiling.  It is calming and inspiring, providing the most conducive atmosphere for yoga practice.

All the various forms of accommodations offered here are very comfortable and stylishly decorated.

Everybody who came to a retreat / training there in the past all fell in love with the place.

Between yoga classes, time can be spent to enjoy walks and relaxing in the garden and nearby area.

You can secure your place on this retreat by sending a non-refundable deposit of £200.  Please contact me for the transfer details.

There will be an early bird discount of £50 for those who book by the end of March for the May retreat, and by the end of April for the June retreat.

Arrival:  On Thursday, you can arrive between 2-3pm, just in time for an afternoon tea.  And the first session will be from 4pm before the dinner at 6:30pm.
Departure:  On Sunday, we will have a morning yoga practice and we will leave after lunch.

Daily Schedule: 
2 yoga sessions daily, a combination of an active practice and restorative yoga.
Plus a short meditation and pranayama (breathing exercise) just before the breakfast.
There will be long breaks after breakfast and lunch when you can spend relaxing, reading books, walking, enjoy the quiet or socialising with others.

Cost and Accommodation:
The cost includes all yoga sessions and 3 meals per day plus teas and coffees throughout the day and use of the facility.
Please see the below and choose which accommodation would like to be in.
And state it at the point of booking.  The first come, the first served.
It is going to be a cozy, small group retreat, around 12-16 people, which is lovely.

Mezzanine bedroom   (Sleeps up to 4 people)
This is a beautiful open plan bedroom with en suite shower room situated above the yoga studio.
£480  or £430 for discount

Single room 1   (could sleep 1 comfortably or 2 at a squash*)
A small but stylish room with a beautiful view. Use of shared bathrooms.
£545 (single use) or £495 as discount

*This room can be used as a small twin.  So if you are happy to share with a friend or a partner, it might be a nice option for you.
As a twin use…
£460 per person (shared)  or £430 for discount

Single room 2
A small but stylish room with a beautiful view. Use of shared bathrooms.
£545 (single use) or £495 as discount

Bunk bed room (sleeps 2)
A small but comfortable and stylish room with a beautiful view. Use of shared bathrooms.
£490 per person or £440 discount

Large room 
A good size bedroom for 2 people or luxury room for 1 with big windows and a beautiful view.
This room can come with 2 single beds or 1 super king double bed
£515 per person (shared) or £465 discount
£590 (single use) or  £540

Deluxe shepherds hut 
A beautifully hand crafted shepherds hut with double bed and its own kitchenette and shower room. Top of the range.
£515 per person (as double) or £465 discount
£645 (as single) or £595 discount

Day rate for commuters
For those who live nearby and would like to commute to attend the retreat, there is a day rate which includes all the meals, yoga tuition and use of the facility at Kilnhanger
£380 or £330 discount

Camping (limited to 2 people)
£410 or £360 discount

For photos of the venue in Instagram click here
For photos of the accommodation choices in Facebook page click here 
More photos of the place in Facebook page click here

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective Training 2017

“Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective”
Advanced Enquiry / Teachers Training Course
for Yoga Teachers and Holistic Therapists
with Aki Omori

Module 1:  Thursday 6th - Sunday 9th April 2017
Module 2:  Thursday 4th - Sunday 7th May 2017

This is a professional training designed for yoga teachers, teacher trainees, holistic therapists, psychotherapists or keen movement practitioners.
It is an enquiry, a vigorous investigation into our innate ability to balance “depletion & nourishment” to understand what supports healing of the body-mind and move toward optimal health.
It is done mainly through experiential study of the Nervous System and Embryology/Infant Developmental Movements, along with other body systems and helpful practices. We then look at application to restorative yoga and other therapeutic modalities and to our daily lives.

It consists of two parts residential trainings (60 hours) held at a beautiful venue in Surrey, called Kilnhanger, near Guildford.  It is located in the wonderful Surrey Hills with an amazing panoramic view from the studio, clean and comfortable accommodation, serving delicious healthy food and over all, an incredibly nurturing environment for this exploration.

The two 3 nights / 4 days (Thursday to Sunday) residential training will provide 60 contact hours. 
As mentioned above, this is a professional training.  However, if you are not yet ‘professional’ in those fields, but still interested in participating, there is a chance that you will be accepted on this training.  Some previous experiences in movement work or bodywork will be helpful but keen interest is essential. If you are such an individual, please enquire.

The main contents for the training include:
In-depth study of Nervous System (NS) through Experiential Anatomy
To understand how the NS is organised
Embryology / Early Developmental Movements
Understanding the origin gives us a deeper insight into the nature of the NS and into how we ‘regulate/balance’ and what that means.   This is a hugely informative and enriching study. 
Other Body Systems
The course will also include exploring cells, other body systems, (including Organ System, Immune System, Fluid System) for understanding the wider context of health.
Embodied Relational Presence / Touch / Tissue Reading
We will explore ‘embodied relational presence’ which is fundamental to any therapeutic relationship or in fact any relationship at present. 
Also explore different types of touch that support clients/students’ own healing process, including a conscious choice of ‘not-touching’.
Investigate different types of body tissues and their tones which can inform us of the state the person is in.  We will go beyond ‘body reading’ and look at ‘tissue reading’. 
Restorative Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Pranayama
                  As foundation these will be also included.
Enquiry into Psycho-physical aspects / our identity  / our sense of boundary
These aspects of ourselves hugely contribute to our health and we will look into what that might be. 

The aim of this training is to provide practitioners/teachers with tools and understanding in a way that they will be able to create their own unique and powerful body of work.

Somatic work is based on discoveries through our own experiences. 
It combines the approaches of the East and the West.  
The Eastern approach of investigating through ‘being with’ and ‘experiencing’ to come to knowing rather than figuring it out or looking at ourselves from the outside, while being informed by the richness of the Western science of biology, anatomy and physiology.
We then are able to cultivate a field of work where we can work with whatever is actually present in front of us, by being present to it and open to it, instead of being limited by an already existing set of knowledge, or by projecting our set of knowledge and missing what is there. 

In truth, the knowledge and experiences you will get on this training will inform you in a much wider context than just Restorative Yoga.  It will influence your perception and understanding of yourself, and others whether they are in your class or clients in your therapy room or people in your life.  As a result, the way you interact with them will change - because you are informed from a much deeper place of understanding and experiences of your own (and empathy and compassion naturally arises from that). It opens a door for continuous further enquiry of your own and invites more authentic and creative ways to approach your work and life.

The accommodation for each module is £275 and tuition fee is £350. 
The total per module will be £625. 
The total cost for the both modules is £1,250

A non-refundable deposit of £250 is required to secure your place on the training.
Remainder for the both modules (£1,000) can be paid in instalments.   Please enquire for details.  
Please email Aki for a booking/application form and further details.  (

The venue and booking for the accommodation:
The training is held at the stunningly beautiful venue, called Kilnhanger in Surrey.  
For more information and photos of the place, please go to:
Most rooms will be shared either in a twin or a large dorm style space for 3-4 participants.
The rooms are beautifully decorated and comfortable.  Please contact Aki to book your room.

Note:  You are expected to commit for both modules to complete the 60 hour training. 
If that is not possible for you, please discuss with Aki upon booking.  

For any further enquiry, please contact Aki via email.

Honouring the lineage:
Aki’s work is deeply inspired by Body-Mind Centering® (BMC®) - founded by Bonnie Bainbridge-Cohen, Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy (IBMT) – developed by Linda Hartley and Neuro-Affective Relational Model® (NARM®) – developed by Dr. Laurence Heller, along with many yoga and buddhist teachings,  body-movement studies that she received over the past decades and many other explorations of life by so many wonderful predecessors that informed her.

About the Tutor:
Aki Omori (Dip. IBMT, ISMETA RSME/RSMT, NARM) is a real explorer of all movements and living body-mind.  As a yoga teacher, having practiced many styles and approaches of yoga over 20 years, she now mainly teaches a slow vinyasa flow style in an informative way.  She encourages her students to be actively involved in enquiries so that they will find their own unique path that is honest and truthful to themselves.  Aki’s classes are known for their explorative nature and are fun and light yet profound.  As well as being a yoga teacher, she is also a registered somatic movement therapist/educator and a developmental / relational trauma therapist. 
She teaches workshops on embodied anatomy, developmental movement, embryology and restorative yoga, and runs regular retreats and her own training programs for yoga teachers and therapists. 
She loves driving her car around London Town and dancing in contact improvisation! 

Once one of participants in her workshop described her:
“She is poetic, yet grounded.  She is experiential yet confident in the benefits of exploring different ‘ways in’ to yoga.  She is fluid and inspiring…” 

Join Aki on her Facebook page for latest news:

Some of the feedback and testimonies from the previous trainings:

Aki is re-running her "Restorative Yoga / Yoga Therapy from Somatic Perspective” this spring and summer at the stunning Kilnhanger venue in the Surrey countryside. This is a groundbreaking training for those wishing for a deeper exploration of the body-mind connection within the overall theme of nourishment. For example, part of the training focuses on the autonomic nervous system and infant development with an objective of not only understanding their functioning and patterns but relating them to how we may move and behave.  I highly recommend this training course - I found it to be fascinating and greatly beneficial to own practice, my teaching and life more broadly.
Susan (Yoga Teacher)

….I feel as if I have had another door opened on my life's path.
Thank you so much to you all for being there to share it with and most
of all thank you so much Aki. I'm not sure how you manage to touch
something so deep with such a light touch but you do and I will be
forever grateful for it.
Bridget (Yogi and Author)

Dear Aki,
I'd like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for an incredibly genuine, educational, experiential training full of so much love, support and friendship.
…. I feel you have opened a door for me on a missing link.  With all the work I've been introduced previously, I've never been introduced to the nervous system, and I feel this is such an important piece of the jigsaw to continue to work with the remnants of my ME…..
Aki you are such a special teacher.  You teach from where you are, and through your body, and communicate with every sense and tool you posses for our bodies and minds to absorb.  I look forward to so many more internal adventures with you. 
Alice (Yoga Teacher)

Hi Aki, 
Thank you so much for such an incredible teacher training….
I feel that I have leant so many techniques that deepen and support my yoga practice and that can help my friends, clients, family and myself with on a day to day basis…..
I really feel I have a deeper understanding of myself and others because of your training. I feel more grounded, more present, more available to others, more at ease in my everyday movements and I feel completely inspired to continue learning about restorative yoga from a somatic movement perspective. I really can't put into words how much it means to me to have done this training. 
Maddy (Yoga and Pilates teacher)

It was really so special and I just wanted to say I feel very fortunate. Whatever you do, Aki,  please PLEASE do more of these deep trainings and share. I feel it is such a subtle teaching to offer and really deserves the space and time... You are wonderful:)
Emily (Yoga teacher)

I can definitely say that taking the decision to go out on a limb and head over to England and spend the weekend with you gorgeous souls was probably the best thing I’ve done this year. I came back floating and so so grateful for the heart opening, soul touching, cellular dancing, the list could go on and on.
And grateful to Aki for being so beautiful and open and for holding us all together with such love
Hazel (Yoga teacher)

Thank you Aki for your incredible teaching, I always feel so lucky that I learn so much, consciously and unconsciously from you. I feel like you always bring me back onto the right track….
Maddy (Yoga teacher)

Yes I went there to grow as a yoga teacher. But I advanced as a human being - which means my  yoga has changed. I changed as yoga practitioner and as teacher as well.
Whatever happened, thank you Aki and thank you girls! I felt at home, safe, supported in this group from the first moment. I felt at home in this house, in that area.
For me personally it was a truly transformational weekend.
Zsuzsa (Yoga teacher)

“Orality and Relationship” Workshop with Aki Omori and Kate Ellis Saturday 11th February 2017

“Orality and Relationship”
Workshop with Aki Omori and Kate Ellis
Saturday 11th February 2017

A day workshop to explore the themes of orality and relationship through Somatic Movement and Body Psychotherapy.

At The Crowhurst Community Centre, Brighton  
10am – 5pm
What is desire and satisfaction?  How do we know we have enough?
What moves us to reach for more?
How does this theme of "having enough" play out within our body and our relationships?
What does it mean to have a healthy appetite for life?

The very beginnings of these themes occur in infancy and childhood but how do we carry them over into our adulthood and how is our body perhaps still signaling to us something about this?
This one day workshop will explore these themes from Somatic Movement perspectives, especially infant developmental movements and digestive tracts in the body, and exercises from Body Psychotherapy, looking at developmental psychology.
Using partner work, individual explorations and group sharing to explore how we organise our perceptions, feelings and challenges around self-reliance and seeking support.
Aki Omori (RSME/RSMT, NARM) is getting together with a body-psychotherapist and a yoga teacher Kate Ellise to explore this fascinating subject.

£75 (£65 early bird if booked before the 3rd Jan 2017)

Please contact Kate Ellis.

The Crowhurst Community centre in Brighton (5 mins from Preston Park station)

For further enquiry regarding the workshop contents, you can either contact Aki ( / / 07966204842) or Kate ( / / 07815130930)

Aki Omori
Aki is a true explorer of movements and living body-mind.
She is a registered somatic movement therapist / educator, trained in Body-Mind Centering (BMC) and Integrative Body-Work and Movement Therapy (IBMT), and a qualified practitioner of Neuro Affective Relational Model (NARM), which is a form of early trauma healing work designed for adult clients.  She became passionate about teaching and sharing the somatic movement work based on the developmental movement and embryology, as she realised over the years their enormous benefits, both physically and mentally (as they are not separate) and they are largely incorporated into all her work, including teaching yoga.  She is known for her extensive anatomical knowledge and her explorative approach of teaching, inviting students to find their own unique and honest truth. 
She runs  trainings for yoga teachers and therapists, based on developmental movements and embodied anatomy of the various body systems, especially the nervous system, the skeletal system, the fluid system and the endocrine system. 

Kate Ellis

Kate is a senior teacher at triyoga, a longstanding faculty member of their teacher training programme and has been teaching for 17 years. Her experience of receiving one-to-one sessions for ten years, along with her practice of Thai massage and meditation which spans over twenty led her to realise that yoga is not a thing in itself (eg. Union of the body/mind) but a means and a process by which we come to experience the non- separation of body and mind. To this end she trained as a body psychotherapist in order to explore the ‘other half’ of the body based practices she was working with. She now practices a synthesis of approaches in her private practice in Brighton and London.

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